Create and sell tickets to your event for free

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Sell tickets directly from your existing site using our embedded forms. This allows your customers to purchase tickets transparently without ever leaving your site. Don’t have a site? We’ll provide you a custom URL where your customers can purchase tickets.

Ticket Validation

Use out free Android or IOS application to scan, validate and use tickets. You can also use our website or a manual guest checklist printed from our website.

Ticket Delivery

Once purchased, tickets can be printed by customers at home for no extra charge or emailed directly to them. Both emaied and printed tickets can be validated at the event using our free ticket application or website.


Tickets are generated and sold to customers at no cost to you. For free events we do not charge you or the customer any fees. For paid events we charge the customer a small fee to cover payment processing and hosting fees. The fee can be shown as a separate booking fee or included in the total ticket price.


You name, promote and host the event, why should the tickets be branded with our logo or corporate colors? Use your own company logo and colors on tickets sold to your customers.

Reporting and Analysis

Use the website to track daily sales, total event sales and ticket usage information. Analyse information on your customers for future event planning.

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